Conference phone S310

Information product:

S310 series are conference phones / omnidirectional microphones that are designed specifically for services of software and hardware video devices via master link and communication of USBs or analog interface with the device side, they complete the video with audio support.

● By Verbingdungen the external audio output to an amplifier and the external audio input to the telephone input, you can seamlessly access teleconference system, on-site conferencing systems and mixers and other devices ,. This is optional.

● volume reached 90 dB, 12 steps volume digital adjustment

● milky white backlit LCD display.

● function of pre-storing 20 group number and Speed ​​Dial feature

● Practical and powerful phone features: multi-party call, telephone recording, caller ID FSK / DTMF, redial / speed dial, mute, hold, flash, function more flexible attitude among many customers.



Acoustics Technical Parameters

● Depth echo cancellation: Depth of full duplex -Echounterdrückung up to about 65dB, 500m

● Bidirectional noise compression: Compression noise reaches 18dB

● Line Echo Cancellation: Depth of cancellation 25 dB, 32 ms
Audio parameters

● Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz

● Speaker Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz

● microphone pickup: built 3 meters, 5 meters extension, 360-degree range

● Volume: maximum 90 dB


Network interface


RJ-11 interfaces

3.5MM linear input and output interface 2 St.

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