Conference phone S350

Information product:
EACOME HD conference phone S350- series (EACOME S350) is EACOME newest published third generation of professional conference phone -Terminal. HD series uses dual-core DSP processor, the main frequency reaches up to 1.4 GHz, and its Zverlässigkeit and stability achieved industrial quality, which is currently the DSP processor of the conference phone industry with the highest performance in the world on which the world's leading new generation of Sonic Clear III HD voice processing technology makes that for 100Hz 16KHz full duplex capable -Echounterdrückung in dessem frequency range, there is no compression injury, including technologies such Frequenzbreich algorithm based acoustic echo canceller, AGC dynamic noise reduction and intelligent microphone technology, and at the same time with using the advanced technology of voice communication products creates a whole new generation of HD-conference phones.


Technical parameters

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Acoustics Technical Parameters

● Depth echo cancellation: Depth of full duplex -Echounterdrückung up to about 65dB, 500m

● Bidirectional noise compression: Compression noise reaches 18dB

● Line Echo Cancellation: Depth of cancellation 25 dB, 32 ms

Audio parameters

● Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz

● Speaker Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz

● microphone pickup: built 3 meters, 5 meters extension, 360-degree range

● Volume: maximum 90 dB


Network interface



RJ-11 interfaces

3.5MM linear input and output interface 2 St.



Host size: 276 * 276 x55 mm

Extended microphone Size: ∮100 x 40 mm, with a mute button and status indicator


phone feature


Milky white LED backlight 4-line LCD display


20-key telephone keypad, menu key (4), speakerphone, redial, mute, multi-party calls, volume addition and subtraction, the numeric keys (12), HOLD / play button


Show caller ID information


Speed ​​Dial 20 groups


Input / output record number of 20 groups


LCD menu function: a function of pre-storing the number, FLASH-function LCD brightness selection, date and time

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