Digital Ambient Noise Controller T-6249


The digital ambient noise controller is designed to work with the ambient noise sensor to adjust the output level according to the detection of the surrounding ambient noise level. It is necessary equipments for applications like airport, train station, metro station, hospital and stadium, the system itself will adjust the output at a comfortable level based on the detection of working noise, voice loudness and clearance after program set up, thus it will save human operation from one time to time to operate on the system according to work time and off work time.

It is designed with four separate channel controller, with 4 ports for sensor support both serial connection & parallel connection, max channel sensor capacity is 16 units. The digital solution ensure the controller of higher capacity and longer communication distance for 3km.


It is built-in a CPU & LCD display with program buttons, thus all operation could be done by itself or through RJ45 to PC, an user-friendly software in English is supplied for remote program and set up. The system could work stand alone without PC software after configuration. While a RS232 port is supplied to communicate with third party system. 4 separate channel line inputs and line outputs for PA and voice evacuation system. Built-in automatically ambient noise control (ANC) and output level adjustment function (ALC). Both AC 230V and DC 24V operation system.



* 4 channel digital ambient noise controller

* Automatically adjust the output level after program

* Intelligent digital sound system controller in a 1U height

* 19 rack mount design type

* 4 channel sensor inputs, and each channel capacity or total four channel capacity max of 16 units

* Serial or parallel connection at communication distance of 3kms

* A serial ports for PC software configuration and data management

* The controller work stand alone without software after configuraiton

* One RJ45 port for communication with IP system

* One RS232 port for communication with third party system

* Four channel separate line inputs and outputs

* Built-in CPU and menu function button for program by itself

* End-user self defined sampling frequency response period

* Max output level function

* With four channel output level meter direct display

* Ambient noise control (ANC) and output level adjustment (ALC) function

Information product:



Line Output


Line Input


Control Channel


Sensor Capacity


Monitor Channel


Input Level

0dBu 20KΩ

Output Level

0dBu 600Ω

Max Output Level


Control Gain


Noise Frequency filter


Communication port

Rj45, Rs232

Frequency response

20-20KHz (+1/-3dB )



Power consumption


Power supply

AC ~230V/50Hz & DC 24V





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