HD Audio processor T860

Information product:
Encome HD Audio processor T860 uses the HD Audio processing technology the third generation and is self adaptive for full-duplex echo cancellation 20Hz-16KHz and implemented a Zero-voice compression injury in the frequency range of human voices to offer users an excellent voice quality. The hardware structure uses a dual-core DSP processor up to 1.4 GHz, which is stable, reliable, technical grade. Thus, the DSP processor of the highest power in the industry.
T860 simultaneously supports PSTN phone and the USB network communication, thus provides for network talk and video system reliable and high quality solutions. Users can phone lines, computers, HD video systems connect to integrated communications, making it accessible to an interactive remote video conference with multiple parties.
T860 covers almost the professional communications applications of all sizes that a wide range of application requirements from conferences uniform communication platform (UC), multimedia communications system (network audio, IP platforms, network video), remote video conferencing, teleconferencing, judicial and education system, and so can satisfy.
Product features:
Connection way: balanced output, bare wire interface, single-ended output
Hardware structure:
• 48KH / 24-bit A / D, D / A conversion, sampling rate up to 96 kHz; coupled telephone input, digital USB interface input • dual-core high-speed DSP processor chip with a processor core up to 1.4 GHz
Serial features:
• calls and receiving PSTN phone
• The volume of each input or output channel can be set individually
• The UART protocol can be used for centralized interface
Basic functions:
• Each input channel, preamplifier, automatic gain control, automatic mixer
• Each output channel: automatic gain control, Scherer
• Acoustic echo canceller


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