Any Media any Device
Takes in any media and transcodes it and delivers it to any format at the highest possible quality
Able to deliver to either TV or mobile
High-Quality On-Demand
Zero buffering, stuttering on videos up to 4k
Adaptive bit-rate adjust automatically to use the lowest bit rate without affect video quality
Supports the latest formats standards as they come to the market
Engage Viewers
Multi-language and caption support
Surround-sound Audio up to 7.1 Dolby
Live Stream DVR – pause, play, and instant replay, rewind and fast forward 
Multiple Levels of Content Security
All streams,  networks and video assets are all secure with studio-approved DRM
Additional security using AES-128 and SSL for RTMPS and HTTPS streams
Unlimited Transcoding for Adaptive Streaming
Multi-bitrate streaming automatically adjust to deliver the best video experience across devices and network conditions
High Performance and Scalability 
Dynamic Load Balancing – maximize performance
Automatically disconnect idle cleans to clear out inactive connections 

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