IP 3000 VoIP Conference Phone

Information product:

Eames VoIP conference call IP 6000 series is an integrated VoIP conference phone terminal, which will bring again from EACOME on the market. It takes the voice processing technology of new generation of Sonic Clear III true and provides an adaptive noise cancellation for 200Hz-16KHz represents, includes acoustic echo cancellation due to the frequency domain algorithm, automatic gain control, dynamic noise reduction and microphones intelligent algorithms. The advanced technology of voice communication products is used to create a new series of the integrated VoIP conference phone.
Meanwhile constitutes VoIP conference call IP3000 series a series of imaginative acoustic structures and exterior design, and is the perfect combination of both.
Conference Phones IP6000 with extended microphone (type: IP6000E) are useful functions very powerful
● Good for meeting rooms from 20 to 60 square meters. Support for on-site meeting with 15 participants.
● support for two external microphone inputs, microphone range of up to 360 degrees and 5 meters.
● Support for VoIP communication network, protocol SIP2.0
● Support for 3 independent SIP accounts
● Support for analog PBX, PSTN networks and other ordinary analog telephone communication networks
● Support for USB. There is a video conference or a multimedia communication system. Furthermore, it is a universal UC communication platform and provides call support for VPN platform.
● Embedded multiparty conversation function
● Collaborative office functions: Integrated conference call functions from VoIP, PSTN and USB network communication for multi-party, scalable video systems, VOIP network voice to the analog telephone network.

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