IP 6000 VoIP Conference Phone

Information product:
EACOME Voice Crystal IP6000 series are professional VoIP conference phone terminal Which are
newly launched by EACOME Electronics Co., Ltd. Incorporated with a new generation of Sonic Clear
III HD sound processing technology, IP6000 series are contributing the widest ribbon full-duplex
acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, dynamic noise reduction and intelligent
microphone mixing of 200Hz-8KHz covering the human hearing range so it can seamlessly match all
kinds of wideband audio codec equipped in all global audio devoice and video system. Meanwhile it
brings the brand new HD Voice conversation experience, All which is very suitable for telepresence
meeting of video conferencing and audio teleconferencing.

More Over, Professional VoIP conference IP6000 series develop a series of unique acoustic
construction and stylish design. It is the perfect combination of two features. combining excellent
voice quality and rich features, it Enables unbelievable experience like never before. by Significantly
lowering the communication cost and Increasing the value of VoIP solution, EACOME'S
Voice Crystal IP6000 series bring great value to business

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